I heart typography


Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman: typefaces you use every day, but, like me, probably have never considered or fully acknowledged before. Earlier this week, we learnt about all things typography. We were also given some pretty snazzy links, which I thought I’d share.

  • Amaztype (which forms the image above) creates words using Amazon web services. You can choose between books, music and video/dvd and even which Amazon you want to use ie. UK, US etc. More than that, you can click on the items which make up the word and zoom in for a closer look. A plug for Amazon but very fun.
  • Identifont allows you to find that font you’ve been searching for (if indeed you have been searching) by asking a series of questions, for example, about the appearance of the font. Although, you do need to have the font in front of you to know the answer to some of the questions.
  • Spell with Flickr lets you, simply, spell with Flickr. Erik Kastner has set up a photo group with letter only shots and makes up any word from these letters if you type it in.

    The digital age has changed the way we use typography. Photo by RellyAB.

    The digital age has changed the way we use typography. Photo by RellyAB.

 What’s your font personality?  

It’s not just your handwriting, but perhaps the font you choose, which will reveal aspects of your personality. The BBC did an article about this, investigating how fonts represent different personalities.

With the array of typography being used across the internet, fonts and how we display text is becoming even more interesting.

This YouTube video explains some of the typography jargon (and also looks pretty cool). Courtesy of the Vancouver Film School.  

Go to Typography School (if you want to) and learn some more. This video raises the issue of the traditional age of typography in comparison to the digital age.

Or just submerge yourself with letters.


Photo courtesy of RellyAB under the Creative Commons Licence. Find more of her work on Flickr. Thanks to YouTube users schrunk, yerom and omairways for the use of their videos.

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